14 Car Rental Discounts for Teachers - AccuTeach (2024)

14 Car Rental Discounts for Teachers - AccuTeach (1)

Planning on renting a car over the holiday break? Even though the holidays are not the best time to rent a car, it is always a good time to take a break or get something done with a rental.

There are some discounts out there for teachers. You may qualify for some of these discounts as a teacher or a regular customer. The important thing to remember is that the car rental space is dominated by Enterprise Rent a Car and a handful of other big players. However, there are still some smaller players in the game that may offer competitive rates that may not offer teacher discounts per se.

On this page, I will compile a list of discounts that educators may qualify for. If the deals are great, they will make this page, even if they are not teacher-specific car rental discounts. Please note, I may say Enterprise Rent A Car a lot during this presentation. I used to work there. I used to sell many damage waivers.

Supplemental Insurance

If you are renting a car in Atlanta or any major city because you were in a wreck, you may end up keeping the car for a long time. Even if your insurance company covers your daily rental rate, the car rental company may try to sell you their inhouse insurance policy.

Some companies, such as Enterprise underwrite their own insurance. That means that when you buy their insurance, it is pure profit. If you use a major credit card issuer to secure your rental, your rental may be underwritten by them (your credit card issuer).

On my most recent rental, I had to keep the car for over 50 days. If I had bought their extra insurance, I would have been out of pocket close to $1000, just for their insurance. Do yourself a favor before your next longterm rental, and call your credit card issuer to tell them your plans on getting a rental.

Check whether they offer any form of insurance if you secure the rental with your credit card. Make sure they have you enrolled. I call each time before I secure a long term rental. If I’m going to rent for a day or two and I feel uncomfortable driving the huge moving truck, I’ll just buy their insurance for the day. I’m looking at you The Home Depot and U-Haul.

Check with your credit card issuer, because they may not underwrite vehicles over a certain size or price.

If you are traveling overseas, you want to let the credit card company know that. Some countries do not allow insurance to be provided by credit card issuers.

Rent Over Weekends

14 Car Rental Discounts for Teachers - AccuTeach (2)

Some rental agencies, such as Enterprise, usually offer 50% off the daily rate for weekend rentals. Most rental companies get dumped on on Fridays. That means that most customers tend to return their rented cars on Fridays. So if you want a good deal for your next weekend rondeau, consider booking a compact car and try to get the free upgrade. That’s huge savings right there.

Hertz Teacher Discount

NEA: If you are a member of the NEA, you may save up to 25% through Hertz. Use your NEA Member Benefits discount credentials here.

AAA: If you are a member of AAA, you can save off the weekly and monthly rates at Hertz Rent A Car from here.

ID.me: up to 25%. Visit ID.ME

Budget Teacher Discount

A plethora of discounts is available here. Just visit this page and see what works best for you. These deals are open to everyone, but it’s potential savings. Budget Rent A Car makes it easy, with no gimmicks. They are listed on this page right here. Some of these offers include: save up to 35% and save $25.

Enterprise Teacher Discount

NEA: If you are a member of the NEA, you may receive additional discounts on top of whatever discount rates Enterprise if offering. Get more details here.

ID.me: Declare your identity as a teacher through id.me and save up to 25% on your next rental. Visit ID.me.

Ez Car Teacher Discount

Teachers can save 10% on their next car rental. To get the discount, simply enter the coupon code (827B9)in the reservation form. I made it even easier for you, just follow this link right here. The site looks like Advantage Rent A Car because it is owned by them.

Alamo Teacher Discount

Discounts are not limited to teachers. Obtain a 5% discount on current rates by Joining the free Alamo Insider program. Join the program here.

Dollar Car Teacher Discount

NEA: Take an extra 5% off the car’s rental base rates as an NEA member. Get more information here.

ID.me: save up to 25%. Visit ID.me

Advantage Rent A Car Teacher Discount

It is easy to take advantage of the discount offered by Advantage Rent A Car. If you are a teacher or school employee, you may save up to 15% off the cost of the rental. Just use “teacher” in the promo code field when you book your next rental here.

National Teacher Discount

At National Car, get special discounts that can be combined with other offers, such as weekly and monthly deals.

Thrifty Teacher Discount

ID.me: up to 20% of prepaid rentals through id.me. Visit ID.me.

Orbitz Teacher Discount

Prove that you are a teacher through id.me, and receive 3.5% cashback on bookings. Get more information here.

Signup for Email Newsletters for Teacher Discount

Create an email that you can use on the websites of companies you actually use on a regular basis to receive discount coupons. Many car rental companies will give you a discount, some as much as 15% if you agree to sign up for their email newsletters.

Avoid Renting out of Airports

If you pick up your rental at an airport, be prepared to spend upwards of 25% more than the regular rate. This is because they charge a daily airport tax. This tax is only applied to cars picked up at the airport. Here is a trick: reserve your car just outside the airport and return your car to the airport, if you are not going to be penalized for doing so.


14 Car Rental Discounts for Teachers - AccuTeach (2024)


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