Color in Menswear | The Navy Blue Mens Suit (2024)

Color in Menswear | The Navy Blue Mens Suit (1)

Exploring the psychological meanings behind the color navy blue in men's fashion.

Where did Navy Blue originate and how are people affected by the color?

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones…it will always stay blue;
whereas yellow is blackened in its shades, and fades away when lightened; red when darkened becomes brown,
and diluted with white is no longer red, but another color – pink.”
-Raoul Dufy

The History of the Navy Blue Mens Suit

The navy blue mens suit, derives it's name from the British Royal Navy. Since 1748, British officers were required to wear a dark shade of blue, starkly contrasted with white, as their official uniform.

Originally the dark, nearly black, shade of blue was known as marine blue. This term still occasionally enters our lexicon of color terminologies, so it's useful to know that these labels are interchangeable.

The term Navy Blue was coined in England in the 1840's and has been used ever since. Even today, the Navy Blue suit coat still retains some of it's classic nautical roots as it is often seen adorning yachtsman.

By the early 19th century, navies across the world were copying their British counterparts in adopting the Navy Blue for uniforms of their own.

Navy blue continued to have strong military ties into the mid to late 1800's. As the American Civil War raged, navy blue saw another surge in use. It became the defining color of the Union (northern states). The use of Navy blue allowed great contrast with the grays worn by the Confederates (southern states) on the battlefield.

At the turn of the century as Victorian themes swept across menswear, the navy blue mens blazer became fashionable in its own right. The well dressed gentleman of the day would often keep a navy blazer christened with brass buttons for sporting, sailing and other casual activities.

Throughout the rest of the 20th century the Navy Blue mens suit continued to make itself a staple in the gentleman's wardrobe.

Today, the Navy Blue Blazer Jacket is one of the most versatile articles of clothing in a man's wardrobe. Pair it with an oxford, striped shirt and gray flannel pants for a more formal setting.

Or, if you're going for a more casual look throw on a pair of khakis and a turtleneck. The navy blue mens blazer effortlessly spans the formality scale.

Navy Blue and Its Connection to Menswear

“Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.”
-John Ruskin

Blues by their nature connote knowledge, trust and responsibility. They have a tranquil, peaceful, effect on how people perceive you. It is easy to coordinate Navy Blue with other colors. By wearing navy blue you say to the world “I am confident and dependable.” This is the reason that the Navy Blue suit is used so often during interviews.

Color in Menswear | The Navy Blue Mens Suit (2)

Blues are known for their calming properties. They are seen as trustworthy, reliable and committed. That is why many corporate logo colors incorporate at least a touch of blue somewhere in the art. However, use too much blue and you may come across as cold or uncaring. Physically the color blue effects us by calming our senses.

It brings our state of mind to a tranquil place that is believed to aid intuition. Interior designers are often known use a bit of blue in certain corporate offices because people seem to be more productive in blue rooms. Overall, many people refer to blues as either their favorite color, or very close.

Just be careful if you wear blues in outdoor activities. Mosquito's are twice as much attracted to blue as they are to any other color.

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Color in Menswear | The Navy Blue Mens Suit (2024)


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