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Save up to 25% on rentals from all the major providers, when you book with the NEA Travel Program

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NEA Travel: Car Rental

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Savings year-round, no discount code needed!

Search multiple companies, such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz, for the best car rental deals all in one place.

  • NEA Travel: Car Rental (3) Save up to 25% when you rent a car with special NEA member rates
  • NEA Travel: Car Rental (4) Book & save at any time with no blackout dates
  • NEA Travel: Car Rental (5) Book with confidence knowing we cover each reservation with our Best Value Guarantee
  • NEA Travel: Car Rental (6) Get dedicated phone support from the NEA Travel concierge team

how it helps

Compare rates to find the perfect rental for your budget

Get to the fun faster

Take advantage of rental car deals that allow you to skip the counter when picking up your vehicle.

Stretch your savings

Opportunities to combine your NEA member rate with occasional special offers and free car class upgrades. Join your favorite loyalty program to pile on extra perks.

Travel with peace of mind

Drive worry-free thanks to 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Check your NEA Travel Dollars

Save on car rentals, hotels, resorts and cruises using NEA Travel Dollars.

Sign in today to see your balance.

New to NEA Travel? Click the button below to create an account and receive $500 Travel Dollars just for enrolling in this complimentary program.

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What are NEA Travel Dollars?

Travel Dollars are a form of cash payment that eliminates the markup retailers place on travel purchases. (1 credit = 1 USD).

$500 in Travel Dollars are provided to you upon enrollment and can be applied to hotel, resort, car, and cruise bookings for incredible savings! Travel Dollars are valid for one year and will be replenished annually.

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The discount programs for cars and travel lodging have been extremely helpful and help me take yearly summer trips without worrying about a huge financial burden. Thank you NEA Member Benefits.

How It Works

Reserve your rental car now


  1. Make sure you’re signed in to your NEA Member Benefits account.
  2. Click the “Find Rates” button above.
  3. Search by city, airport, date, savings or drop-off location. Any additional savings will automatically be applied at checkout.
  4. Please note: Using a debit card to rent a car may require the cardholder to be 25 years of age. In addition, the renter may be required to provide an additional deposit of $500 or more, may be subject to a credit check, and the car company may put a hold on the renter’s card during the rental period. Some car rental companies and/or locations do not accept debit cards. Prior to travel, please review the rental car company’s website for their most up-to-date policy.


Your questions, answered

What is NEA Travel?

NEA Travel is a complimentary program, that allows you to book all your travel in one place and save in the process. All your reservations are backed by our Best Value Guarantee, and it is our mission to help you travel more while spending less.

What travel can I book through NEA Travel?

Hotels, resorts, cruises, car rentals, flights and guided tours.

Where do I start?

Accessing the NEA Travel Program takes less than two minutes and you will instantly receive a welcome bonus of $500 Travel Dollars that you can use like cash to buy down the cost of a trip.

Why should I enroll?

These benefits are free to you! You will gain access to wholesale travel rates on cruises, resorts, hotels, car rentals, and guided tours. Our goal is to increase your convenience and give you more travel options at the best price. When you are happy, that makes us happy—this is our mission.

Will it cost me anything to enroll?

There is no cost to sign up for these benefits as an active NEA member.

How do I receive my $500 Travel Dollars?

Your $500 Travel Dollars are added to your account instantly. You can use this credit now or save it for a future travel booking.

How do I earn additional Travel Dollars?

You will receive $500 Travel Dollars on the anniversary of your initial enrollment date. Sign up for the NEA Travel Newsletter or NEA Member Shopper’s Guide to earn dollars also.

Are your prices better than competitors?

Yes, and we are so confident in our pricing that we back all reservations with the Best Value Guarantee.

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Best Value Guarantee: The Best Value Guarantee ensures that the price paid when combining our already low prices with the redemption of any loyalty currency (where applicable) will be better than the lowest publicly available market price of any other qualified seller. If our combined value is not better, we will match the qualified seller’s lowest market price at the time of purchase or within 24 hours of purchase.

NEA Travel: Car Rental (2024)


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